What is a healing crisis?

Understanding Detox Reactions



Sometimes after you begin a juice cleanse or detox program, you may start to feel bad before you feel good. Your body reacting negatively to your detoxification efforts is called a “healing crisis”. Though the detox symptoms experienced during a healing crisis may make you feel like your detox isn’t working, fear not. These reactions are natural, and are a sign that your body is properly cleansing and ridding itself of toxins.


Why Are You Experiencing A Healing Crisis?


As your body prepares itself for regeneration, it breaks down toxins and fat cells and causes a release of poisonous compounds into your bloodstream. The good news is your body expels these toxins. The bad news is your energy may decrease and you can start to feel under the weather. Thankfully, negative reactions are temporary. They usually occur immediately after you begin your cleanse, or a few days after. Depending on the severity, you may only experience symptoms of a healing crisis for a few days.


What Are Common Detox Symptoms?


In an effort to cope with your body’s sudden loss of toxins, your immune system can get out of whack and cause you to feel the following detox symptoms: Physical symptoms: diarrhea, aches or pains, rashes, headaches, and fatigue. Mental and emotional symptoms: At times, you may unexpectedly feel irritated, anxious, fearful, angry, depressed or foggy. But don’t worry, these emotional states are temporary and should pass.


So, What Can You Do?


Even though it can be emotionally and physically difficult to deal with a healing crisis, here are some ways you can explore to alleviate and eliminate your detox symptoms quickly:



#1. Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water: 8 to 16 cups a day will flush your body of toxins and relieve you of symptoms faster.

#2. Get plenty of sleep. Emotional and mental stress can weaken your immune system and prolong symptoms. Make sure to get plenty of rest. You can also try to relax with yoga or meditation when you feel fatigued.

#3. Use warm water enemas to provide relief from your symptoms.

#4. Acupuncture, relaxing massage or use of a sauna can also help to speed up your body’s healing process and reduce discomfort.



 What Does A Healing Crisis Mean For Juice Cleansers?


You can think of a healing crisis as your body’s adjustment phase. Suddenly switching from unhealthy foods to a flooding your body with nutrient dense greens, your body is forced to adapt and make changes. This takes time — and, for some, a toll on your body. The key is to stay strong and take the time to reflect on why you are doing the program. 

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