Raw Whole Food Superfood Vitamin Pack


30 Day Vitamin Pack

Revitalize your body with Earth's most powerful plant-based nutrients
Each Earthbar Raw Whole Food Superfood packet is a powerful combination of 4 supplements containing plant-based vitamins and minerals sourced from fresh fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, and sea vegetables that Mother Nature intended you to relish.*

  • Essentials

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  • Gluten Free

  • Non-GMO

  • Dairy Free

  • Vegan

A 30 day supply of 1 packet servings per box.

As a dietary supplement, take 1 packet daily.

01. What it does.

  • Promotes tissue growth and repair*

    Our Super Vitamin C complex promotes tissue growth & repair, protects against the harmful effects of some forms of pollution, supports the immune system, aids all connective tissues of the body, including tendons, ligaments and all epithelia & assists with healthy blood clotting and the healing of bruises.*

  • Earthbar Multi Vitamin

    Helps the formation of bone and the body’s use of calcium, supports growth and repair of body tissue and good vision, serves as an antioxidant, promotes red blood cell formation, antibody production, and cell respiration and growth, and aids in the functioning of the nervous system.*

  • Earthbar Marine Mineral

    Provides algae-cal, calcium, magnesium and zinc which helps balance blood pressure, supports the building of healthy bones, helps contribute to the overall shape, strength and elasticity of bone & supports prostate gland function and the growth of the reproductive organs.*

  • Earthbar Super Antioxidant

    Supports cardiovascular health and free-radical elimination, helps prevent disease development, assists in controlling blood sugar levels, promotes a good functioning immune system, & helps to alleviate unpleasant symptoms associated with some immune disorders.*

02. What's inside.

We’re extremely selective and attentive with what goes in every Earthbar product. If it isn’t good for you or doesn’t work wonders, we’re leaving it out.

    Super Multi Vitamin

    adds to the powerful combination with its nutrient-rich blend of 18 colorful whole fruits and vegetables, including lemon, holy basil, guava, and Algas calcareous.*

    Marine Mineral Electrolytes

    Charges your body with minerals including the untouched AlgaeCal found along the coastline in South America.*

    Super Antioxidant

    Charges your body with over 25 certified-organic whole fruits (including 300 mg of organic amla fruit), grains, vegetables, mushrooms, chlorella and spirulina.*

    Super Vitamin C

    holds the rinds of 5 different fruits to ensure you benefit from hesperidin, rutin and bioflavonoids and enjoy a wholesome vitamin.*

03. The Earthbar Standard.

Deeply committed to staying extremely selective...

We exist to help everyone become the healthiest version of themselves. That’s why every supplement, smoothie, bowl and tincture is tested by our team, rated by holistic experts, tried by your neighbors and true to our 6-point set of standards. A truly curated selection of wellness products.

  • 01. Efficacy
  • 02. Potency + Dosing
  • 03. Active Ingredient Evaluation
  • 04. Bioavailability
  • 05. Quality Ingredients
  • 06. Sustainability