Chocolate Mint Keto Bar


1.13 oz

Chocolate Mint, a decadent recipe full of whole food nutrition you can't help but love.
Pure Peppermint extract blended with real almonds and coconut oil. This refreshingly sweet flavor is packed 10G of fiber and only 2G of sugar. Capturing the taste of your favorite cone, take a minute for pure enjoymint!

  • Strength

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  • Gluten Free

  • Non-GMO

A 1.13oz Chocolate Mint Keto Krisp bar.

Open and enjoy.

01. What it does.

  • Delicious protein on the go

    Need a convenient protein-rich snack that can help you curb your appetite until your next meal? Stash an individual or even a variety 12-pack of Keto Krisp protein bars in your car, office or travel bag for a sweet snack or breakfast on the go.

  • Keeping it Keto

    Keto Krisp have exactly what you’ve been searching for making the perfect blend of whole food ingredients and up to 18 grams of healthy fats including almond and coconut oil in every bar.

  • Ketone stimulating MCT Oil

    Keto Krisp protein bars don’t have preservatives making it the perfect meal replacement or snack for your ketogenic diet or high protein weight loss plan. And they're packed with coconut derived MCT oil!

02. What's inside.

We’re extremely selective and attentive with what goes in every Earthbar product. If it isn’t good for you or doesn’t work wonders, we’re leaving it out.


    Protein is one of the building blocks that make you into who you are. It is a complex group of molecules that does all kinds of jobs in your body. Protein makes up your hair, nails, bones, and muscles. Protein gives tissues and organs their shape and also helps them work the way they should.


    Fiber provides important health benefits including satiety, improved laxation and cholesterol-lowering abilities.*

    MCT Oil

    MCT’s are a special fats that support weight loss by increasing fullness, fat loss, ketone production, and by improving your gut environment.*

03. The Earthbar Standard.

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Deeply committed to staying extremely selective...

We exist to help everyone become the healthiest version of themselves. That’s why every supplement, smoothie, bowl and tincture is tested by our team, rated by holistic experts, tried by your neighbors and true to our 6-point set of standards. A truly curated selection of wellness products.

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