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What is happening to the previous rewards program?

The Beaming and Comcash rewards programs are going away as we launched a new Earthbar rewards app in August 2020. We’ve included some common questions for you below. You can always reach out to us at with any additional questions or concerns. 

Will I keep my previous loyalty points?

If you were registered with our previous rewards program with a valid email address, your account has been automatically transferred over onto our new Earthbar app. 
Your Beaming and Comcash rewards balance and current loyalty points have been migrated together as points in the Earthbar app. You will be granted one free item (up to $11.25) reward with each increment of 1,500 points. Only one free item reward will be active at a time. All migrated points will expire on August 31st, 2021.
Previous rewards were transferred over at a rate of 133.33 points per rewards dollar balance. Example: If you currently have $45 in rewards, 6,000 points will be migrated. 
Your existing loyalty points were transferred over at the rate of ten (10) new points per one (1) previous loyalty point. Example: If you currently have 30 points, 300 points were migrated. 

How do I migrate my points and rewards? 

When the new Earthbar app was launched, you received an email from ‘’ to reset your password to sign into the new rewards account. You will need to download the new Earthbar App. 
Step 1: Download the Earthbar App
Step 2: Click “sign-in” and click “forget password” to reset your password. Enter in the email address associated with your previous Earthbar rewards account.  
Step 3: Receive and open the email to create a new password. 
What if my rewards did not transfer over to the new Earthbar app?
Please reach out to us at with your full name and phone number registered under your Beaming or Comcash account and we’ll look into this for you. Please note that all points and rewards migrated from our previous rewards program must be used prior to August 31st, 2021.


How are points calculated? 
You are awarded ten (10) points for every dollar you spend, excluding gift card purchases and discounted items. For every 1,500 points, you receive a reward for a free item up to $11.25. 
How do I earn points? 
  • In-Store purchase: You can earn points by scanning your mobile app at the register. Go to the “Rewards” screen and select “Rewards Card”. Present your phone to the cashier to scan
  • In-App purchase: There is no action needed. Points will be automatically added onto your account 
    Please note that you will not receive points for tax, tip, discounts, applicable feeds, or gift card purchases. 
    When do I get my points
    Points can take 24 hours to be added to your account. If you still do not see your points after 24 hours, please email us at
    How do I check my points balance in the app? 
    You can track your current points balance by navigating to the “Rewards” screen of the App once you log into your account. 
    Do points expire? 
    Points that are earned do not expire. 
    Can I earn points for purchases made through a third-party courier? 
    Purchases made through third-party ordering apps or websites (Postmates, etc.) do not count toward reward progress. 
    You will only earn points for orders placed directly on the app or in one of our store locations. Navigate to the “Find Us” page to view a store near you. 
    Can I earn points from purchases made at 
    Points can only be earned at our store locations or through mobile ordering for our in-store rewards program. 
    Can points be added if I forgot to scan my rewards card?
    Absolutely! Please send us an email at within one week with your receipt and we will retroactively add the points onto your account for you. 


    Do rewards expire? 
    Rewards have different expiration dates depending on what the reward is. Expiration dates are listed with each Reward in your account.
    How will my free item (up to $11.25) reward be applied?
    The free item (up to $11.25) reward will be automatically applied towards the most expensive item in your order. 
    How can I redeem a reward?
    • In-Store: To redeem rewards, go to the "Rewards" screen and select "Rewards Card". Present your phone to the associate to scan. 
    • In-App: To redeem rewards, proceed to checkout and click “Apply Rewards”. Select the offer you would like to use and it will be applied to your order
    Can I redeem multiple rewards in an order? 
    Only one reward can be redeemed per order. 
    How do I view my rewards history? 
    You can view reward redemptions by going to the “Rewards” screen. This will show a complete list of all rewards used. You can go to your “Inbox” to view all available offers and rewards. 
    When do I get my rewards? Can I earn rewards and use them in the same order? 
    Rewards are credited to your account post-purchase. If your order has enough points for you to earn a reward, that reward will be available for use on your next order. Please note that rewards may take 24 hours to be added to your account.