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Visit us in store and say hello! In addition to our vitamins and supplements, you'll experience the best acai-bowl you'll ever taste, protein-packed smoothies, fresh grab-and-go meals, cold-pressed juices, healthy snacks and a curated selection of the best wellness brands around.

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Superfood Smoothies and Bowls Superfood Smoothies and Bowls

Superfood Smoothies + Bowls

If you’ve ever shopped around to find the best smoothie, or even ordered a simple acai bowl, it probably went like this: First you spent time browsing oh, a gazillion options. Next up, label decoding, followed by some intense ingredient research. Last, but not least, you played that super fun game called, “Will this taste like chalk?” When you order with Earthbar, you're guaranteed clean nutrients and tasty satisfaction. Check check.

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cold pressed juice and shots cold pressed juice and shots

Cold Pressed Juice + Shots

USDA Certified Organic. Nutrient-Dense. Low-Glycemic. Up to 5lbs of produce per bottle. Because the world didn't need another juice bottle unless it was going to be finger-licking good.

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Gluten Free Toast and Waffles Gluten Free Toast and Waffles

Gluten Free Toast + Waffles

Solve "must-chew-now" syndrome with clean toasts and waffles. Didn't think you'd ever see the world clean before those menu items? We're not lying. Gluten-free, fermented sourdough. Paleo vegan waffles. Only the good stuff. None of the bad stuff.

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