The hustle and bustle, excitement and wonder of big city life comes with a price - the harsh pollutants that fill the air we breathe each day. But fret not, earthlings! Mother Earth has provided us powerful, all-natural antioxidants to rid our bodies of the toxins we face in everyday life. While toxins include chemicals, pollutants, artificial ingredients, and poisons that harm the body, antioxidants are compounds that work to capture and eliminate said toxins. These powerful protectants capture “free radicals,” which form when (inevitable) oxidation occurs within our bodies. As they capture these free radicals and inhibit the oxidation process, they in turn slow down the signs of aging, enhance glowing skin, reduce the risk of cancer, and protect against heart disease among many other benefits. 
Now begs the question, where can we find these incredible antioxidants? Fortunately for us, they come packed in fruits, vegetables, and especially herbs. If you’re looking for a concentrated formula, we’ve done the leg work, combining a harmonious blend of fresh burdock root, yellow dock root, Oregon grape root, fresh dandelion root, red clover flowers, nettles herb, red root, and fresh ginger root in our Detox Herbal Formula. This antioxidant-packed remedy enhances your body’s detoxification and overall well-being, facilitating a systemic full body cleanse. What does this mean? 
Full-Body Cleanse 
  • Elimination of dietary and environmental toxins
  • Removal of toxins accumulated from a lifetime of medications
  • Riddance of cellular metabolic waste
  • Cleansing the blood and tissues by stimulating the liver, urinary tract, skin lymph and bowels
To step up your detox game even further, give any of these healthy habits a go and further enhance that beautiful body of yours.
  • Sweat it out! Kick it into high gear and allow your body a chance to detoxify naturally with perspiration and dedication. 
  • Hydrate! Drinking water throughout the day, particularly first thing in the morning, flushes out toxins and alkalizes your body… as well as cleanses your skin, boosts your energy, and prevents headaches. Sip on our Earthbar Alkalizing Water for an extra dash of electrolytes.
  • Consume raw fruits and veggies! (Pro tip: sip on a smoothie for a quick and easy blended solution.)
  • Enjoy a streeeeetch break to encourage you body’s blood flow.
With all that said, we can agree that it’s entirely possible to embrace the city life while still supporting the body’s natural, healthy flow - the best of both worlds! Regardless of your lifestyle, it’s recommended to do a detox program every 4 months, leaving you energized and mentally realigned each time. 
Now get out there earthlings, and make the most of city life knowing the comfort of earth’s herbal remedies are just a click away!