If you’re concerned about staying sharp as you age, you’re not alone. Whether you’re 30, 60 or 90, maintaining optimal brain health as you age should be top of mind. But unlike most other aspects of your health, there traditionally hasn’t been a lot of evidence-based information on how to keep your brain sharp.

Today, when it comes to unleashing your brain’s fullest potential, research points to a compound within natural cocoa. That’s why we went to the team behind CocoVia™, the leading science-backed ccocoa flavanols on the market, to get all of our cocoa questions answered. Read on to learn the details…

Q: Why do memory and brain function decline over time?
A: As we get older, our cells produce less nitric oxide, the super-molecule that supports healthy blood vessels and blood flow throughout our bodies. Lower nitric oxide levels causes decreased blood flow, including to a part of our brain that’s responsible for memory and executive function. When our brain doesn’t get the high level of oxygen and nutrients it needs to perform at peak levels, it leads to natural declines in brain function, impacting memory and making you feel less sharp over time.

The solution may surprise you: it’s hidden within natural cocoa
The good news? Research shows that there are compounds within natural cocoa called cocoa flavanols that can boost memory and brain health. They work by increasing your body’s natural production of nitric oxide, increasing blood flow to your brain so it can keep functioning at the highest level possible. Consuming high levels of cocoa flavanols (at least 750 mg daily) has been shown to significantly improve memory and brain health in as little as 8 weeks.

Q: Why can’t I just eat dark chocolate?
A: People typically associate cocoa with chocolate – a favorite indulgent treat – but few people think of it in its original fruit form. Natural cocoa has a rich (no pun intended) history as a health food, dating back to the Kuna Indians who drank a fermented cocoa beverage daily for its profound health benefits.

However, the powerful brain-boosting flavanols in cocoa are easily destroyed, so you can’t rely on typical cocoa products like dark chocolate or even raw cocoa powders to get their health benefits. In fact, it would take 10 servings of the leading high-percent cacao dark chocolate bar (over 3 whole bars) or 16 servings of the leading cocoa powder on the market to get the memory and brain health benefits of cocoa flavanols – not something any doctor would recommend as part of your daily routine!

Q: So how do you unlock the brain health benefits of cocoa?

A: The solution is a new supplement called CocoaVia™ Memory+. The scientists behind Memory+ developed a unique process for extracting and preserving cocoa flavanols at the highest levels possible, allowing you to take advantage of their memory-boosting benefits. The key is ensuring that you get 750 mg of these powerful compounds in your daily diet; CocoaVia Memory+ makes this easy, providing 750 mg in just 3 small capsules.  

The cocoa flavanols in Memory+ are backed by 4 double-blind, peer-reviewed studies, conducted by leading universities around the world. These studies show that consuming the cocoa flavanols in Memory+ daily improves 3 different types of memory: long-term memory, spatial memory and word recall. To learn more about the science behind CocoaVia Memory+ and the profound brain health benefits of cocoa flavanols, visit